And so I think that’s the end game. And for bitcoin, you have a digital, synthetic commodity, a monetary asset that you can send anywhere in the world that has a marginal cost of production. It literally goes up and to the right – with a ton of volatility, but the long term trend… you can’t even calculate the marginal cost of production because it’s marginal and ciertas personas will produce it for input costs suckers…

There is this incentive all over the world to mop up excess energy with bitcoin mining. And so basically the marginal cost of production – because of the timing of bitcoin supply, because of the adjustment difference – as the hash rate goes to the moon and Moore’s law kicks in force and miners become more efficient and better and the hash rate continues to increase, you are going to see the marginal production cost of bitcoin booster per program as issuance drops to zero and again the dificultad does not cease to aumentador.


So I think it’s…the benefit is we have this choose that no one understands that’s trading as a total risk asset and if it’s a digital synthetic commodity that applies in a way credible monetary policy in a world where central banks have gone crazy, gold has been completely taken over by paper markets…

You know, there’s some potentially very important religion here and that’s where you can increase your buying power by a factor of one hundred if the thesis is right over a 10 to 15 year period.

This is a transcribed excerpt from the “Bitcoin Magazine Podcast” hosted by P and Q. In this episode, Bitcoin Magazine Pro’s Dylan LeClair discusses the asymmetrical betting that is bitcoin.

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